a bit more! Heat Death

  • The 4th of July Floats were designed after the fashion of postmodern entertainment to trigger and vent some of the harsh, implacable forces threatening what was left of the fingernail grip of society on any working order.  In part it was an issue of multiplicity, for when it was established that each citizen and sub group and group and meta group had a voice, they indeed found their voices, and voiced.  Relentlessly.   
  • According to biological inevitability of the rules of ockham’s beard, every style and mode and trope of culture that had ever existed through the ages, exists now, in a manifestation large or small —-
  • In the mode of speaking boldly to the powerful, the passions of the Fidenates, the Zealots, the Diggers and the Levellers, the Luddites, Abolistionists, Wobblies and Pussy Riot and all those between.   
  • The other side equally represented, the rich, entitled, the careless, the powerful, the Lords and Princes, the uppercrust, the bosses.
  • Some trouble up ahead, Sarah walks faster, what’s up, scuffle in the Existential Threats phalanx.  The second of the Four Horseman in some kind of argy bargy with one of the Climate Deniers.  Buzz again, always in always making trouble! Cries of rage and pain!  Sarah walks still faster.  I’m too old for this she says, not for the first time.